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Steps You Can Take To Become The Ultimate Travel Writer

Steps You Can Take To Become The Ultimate Travel Writer

Guest Post by Jennifer Ranking

When you scroll through your Instagram timeline it’s almost as if everyone’s out travelling except you! It appears to be the trend nowadays and it’s no surprise why it is, the world is a beautiful thing and something that should be explored when you’re given the opportunity. Audiences love to read about experiences as inspiration and knowledge of what to expect for their travels. Travel writers are seen as influencers who have been around the block and know they’re stuff.

So, how do you become one of them people too? Here are some tips to consider to become the ultimate travel writer.

Be Dedicated To Your Writing

In order to become a travel writer, you first need to build the foundations of being a successful writer first. Travelling is the knowledge, but writing is the skill you have to get to spot on in order to be successful. You need to be able to communicate your experiences well and in a way that will engage your readers with what you have to say. Start by writing creative pieces and gradually improve your vocabulary and skills as a writer before you begin to write about your travelling experiences.

Consider Writing School or Journalism

A great advantage of journalism is that you slowly begin to learn how to make notes quickly and write great pieces in a short space of time. This means you won’t be spending too much time on writing the pieces and instead, you can enjoy telling your story without it taking too much of your time and continue your experiences of travelling. Get yourself in with the local newspapers or see if there are any writing schools that you can attend to improve on the skills that you’re developing.

Start Off Writing On Subjects That Aren’t About Yourself

Writing helps to get your name out there and gets your work published easily, almost satisfying the ego that people want to hear from you and what you have to say. What’s ironic about this though is that the skill to write about yourself can be rather difficult and sharing something about what you’ve done may not come across the best. Therefore, when you first start out why not try writing interviews or profiles instead and this way you can easily identify a theme and prevent getting sidetracked.

Review Your Writing Over And Over Again

The biggest waste when it comes to writing is that writers tend to use up too many words for a sentence which they could have articulated in a more efficient way. Writers feel as though revising the work that they’ve completed contradicts their creativity, but when you read over your work again you can easily find that your point is not as effective as what it could be. Revise and rewrite until your story flows and makes perfect sense.

Develop A Network

The biggest driver of being successful as a travel writer is developing a network in your field. There are plenty of travel writers across social networks and blogs that are easy to connect with. In doing so, it can help build your own reputation as a travel writer and have you integrating with the correct people. Over time, you’ll find yourself writing to a mass audience that you’ve created.

Keep Motivated

Most important of all, remain persistent. If there’s one downfall of writers that don’t make it it’s because they fell at the first hurdle when it arrived. It’s going to take time to build your reputation and get your stories shared in the masses, but how bad do you really want it?

The travelling influencer market is forever growing and there are still plenty of writers who are yet to master their trade. What’s written today is probably forgotten by tomorrow. Your stories have the chance to make a difference, to provide knowledge and form education for your readers. So, before you begin writing about your travelling experience from your luxury Algarve villa, take a step back and dedicate your time to learning your craft. After that, the world is your oyster from a travelling and writing point of view.

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