Alina Bradford, The No-Fluff Writer

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About Me

I’ve been a freelance writer for more than 20 years. I have written for many well-known companies and media sites including CNET, MTV, CVS, eBay and many more.

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Learn how to be a Freelance writer

I love teaching other writers how to become successful. Check out my blog for tips on how to write better, find clients and live a great writing life.

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Check out my book

I created the freelance writer course I wish I'd had when I started and put it in a book.

There's no need to search and scrape for the next few years just to earn a living wage. This course is a shortcut to all of the knowledge I've gleaned over the past few years.

Yup, I've done the work.

Not only have I done the work, I get right down to business. You get a blast of awesome to your career without vague information or drawn out stories like with most books and courses on how to be a freelance writer. This freelance writing course features nugget after delicious nugget of actionable information.

No fluff.