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Alina Bradford is a Tech, Lifestyle and Science Writer that's Been Around the Block...

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Just a Little Bit About Me

Alina Bradford

Alina Bradford

I'm not your average freelance writer. I'm a content specialist. Need someone who can create fantastic SEO content that grabs attention? I'm your gal. In the past 20 years I've learned the skills to give you content that not only looks good, but also gets results. I know SEO, brand marketing and how to get content to go viral on social media. Many articles I've written for my clients have garnered over a million views in less than a month.

Fast Facts About Alina Bradford:

Started: 1998

Specialties: Tech, Lifestyle and Health / Science

Location: Paris, Texas, Near Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex

Favorite Food: Ham and Potato Hash

Random Fact: I was a volunteer firefighter. Yup, the gear, helmet and all.

Why I Can Help You: I spend at least two hours per day learning the latest in SEO trends, searching for the best content strategies and coming up with new, dynamic ways to create content. Combine that with 20+ years of experience and you've got a perfect storm of awesome.

The Low-Down

Yep, that’s me.

Yep, that’s me.

I wasn't always the freelance writer you see today. I started my journey at the age of 18, while going to journalism school in Northeast Texas.

Today, I have almost two decades of experience in the publishing world and live in Paris, Texas. I have helped 100s of companies with their content needs. I am also a fantastic social media manager.

Not to Brag, but Here Are My Awards & Accomplishments...

content marketing award

content marketing award

  • Listed in 40 Resources for Growing Your Business, 2019

  • Awarded Top Author Website for 2017 by The Writer Awards

  • Rated in the top 10% of writers on Medium for 2016

  • Featured in Venngage's ebook 46 Expert Tips for Creating Addictive Content

  • Listed as #3 on Babbly's 25 Top Content Marketers to Follow

  • Nominated for the 2015 Social Media Marketing Shorty Award, which honors the best people and organizations on social media

  • Named one of the Top 50 Content Marketers to Follow on Twitter, 2015, by Cision

  • Named one of the 100 Content Marketers to Follow on Twitter in 2015 by Witty Parrot

  • Named a Master in Marketing by SeeDepth

  • Named Top Ten Marketing Personality to Follow by Marketing Dive

  • Featured in the article 25 Online Promotion Lessons and Tips for Beginners (From the Twitter of the Pros).

  • Fourth Place in PJC Argumentative and Informative Essay Contest, 1999

  • Winner of Writer's Digest 365 Days of Prompts Contest, 2002

  • Awarded the Editor's Choice Award by Suite 101 Media Inc., twice, 2007

Work that I've Done

I’d like to think I’m the freelance writing Oprah.

I’d like to think I’m the freelance writing Oprah.

My science, tech and lifestyle writing and my work as an illustrator has snagged me some pretty exciting opportunities. Here are just a few:

  • Writing for high-profile publications such as Livestrong, USA Today, Real Beauty, CNET, MTV, Live Science, eBay, TopTenReviews, Laptop Magazine and many more.

  • Buzz Blogging for Prevention Magazine

  • Providing fresh content as a healthy diet columnist for Fit Christian Magazine

  • Working as a copy editor and the head of the design department for Ore Mountain Publishing House

  • Working as an illustrator and head of the design department for Coffee Cramp Magazine

  • Authoring and illustrating the children’s book “The Kitties Danced”

  • Contributing art for the movie "The Legend of D-Pouch"

  • Cover artist for magazines such as CCM and Sennaciulo Magazine

  • Staff writer for Southern Vanity Magazine in 2008