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Writting for ContentCurrent

I was alerted to ContentCurrent by a fellow writer in a Facebook group I'm a member of, so I checked it out. According to their site, "As a Content Current writer you will be able to pick the writing tasks that you like and submit them through our easy-to-use interface. There are thousands of writing tasks waiting to be completed on ContentCurrent right now."

Before you can write those articles, though, you must write a 500 word "test article." My test article is about "Hartford Technical College." I'm not sure if I'll write it. The test article is graded by editors and you are given a writing level. The higher your level, the more money you will make per article.

Once you are approved to write for the site, you are allowed to claim six articles from their list of open jobs. You write the article, submit it, the client looks it over and either approves it or sends it back for rewrites.

Common pay for articles is $5.50 for 260 words. Another writer reports seeing $7 offered for 500 word articles. This is really low pay, but if you can bang out an article in a few minutes on a subject you're an expert in, then go for it.

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