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Best High-Paying Freelance Gigs of the Week: July 29, 2019

Best High-Paying Freelance Gigs of the Week: July 29, 2019

How’s everything going in your business? Have you gotten any new gigs recently? If not, or you need more, here’s help. Here’s this week’s work-from-home freelance writing jobs. These gigs pay at least $50 a piece, offer a full-time salary, or pay more than $25 an hour. Each one is labeled as a remote job, virtual job or work-from-home job, which means you can do the work from anywhere.

Also, here are 30+ sites that pay writers for articles, so be sure to check that out.

Note: I don’t know anything about these positions other than what I post. I weed out the seedy looking ones, but it is your job to be diligent when applying. Also, please don’t message me with questions about the postings. If a link doesn’t work the posting has probably been taken down because the gig has been filled. If you have a gig for freelance writers that pays at least $50 a peice or over $25 an hour, please contact me and I will include your gig in next week’s post.

Visual Arts News

Pay: $100 to $150

More information:

Visual Arts News is now accepting pitches on the theme of architecture now until September 19th for our Spring 2020 issue. Check out our website for more information:

How to pitch:

Subject line: PITCH Visual Arts News

Email body: (200-300 words) What you want to cover and why it would be of interest to Visual Arts News, your angle and the format (review, profile, interview, feature). Include links to the artist’s website, the gallery website, and pertinent exhibition info (dates, location, curator, images etc.).

New writers, please also describe who you are and why your voice is a good fit for our publication. Please also attach your CV along with 2-3 writing samples to reviews, articles, or essays.

Send all materials by email to:

All editorial decisions are made at the discretion of the Editorial Committee. If you are also submitting photos, please ensure they are 300dpi and a minimum of four inches wide. To be considered, proposals must be received by the issue’s stipulated deadline noted above.

Writer’s fees range from $100 to $150 per article, payable upon acceptance from the editor. All texts are submitted on a conditional basis. While the editor will work with authors to clarify their writing, texts are not considered accepted until the editor accepts the final draft. There is no “kill fee” for a declined text.

Editorial Policy:

Visual Arts News is the only magazine dedicated to contemporary visual art in Atlantic Canada. Although our focus is Atlantic Canadian art and artists, we also accept stories about national and international art and events that we believe are of interest to our readership.

Written in a clear and sophisticated style by some of the most talented arts writers in the region, Visual Arts News reflects the diversity of geographic and cultural communities in Atlantic Canada. The magazine is committed to providing balanced, engaging information about visual arts and artists. Our Editorial Committee is responsible for content selection, and the Editor assigns writers to each story. Although we are a non-profit organization supported in part by advertising, we recognize the importance of maintaining a clear separation between our independent editorial content and any advertising materials found in the magazine. Visual Arts News cannot guarantee editorial content or placement to advertisers.

Freelance Blogger

Pay: $50

More information: Empire Resume


Pay: $150-250

More information: Mediabistro

Full-Time Writer and Part-Time Writer Needed for Reality TV News Site

Pay: This will be a full-time position that will pay between $3,000 to $5,000 each month, at a rate of $25 per story

More information: Mediabistro


Pay: $150-300

More information:

The JTA is in the market for fascinating pieces that will spark conversation between Jews around the world. Whether it aims to delight, inspire, entertain or inform, an ideal op-ed provides something new and of value to anyone who reads it.

That might sound like a tall order, but if you’re feeling up to the task, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Read what we’ve published before.

The best way to get a sense of the op-eds JTA is interested in publishing is to read our Opinion pages. It should go without saying, but don’t pitch us a story someone else has already written for us.

Submit compelling, timely, thesis-driven pieces with a Jewish angle.

JTA is a Jewish news site, and as such, the most relevant pieces for us will relate directly to a developing news story of interest to the global Jewish community or an emerging issue that deserves wider coverage. In addition to op-eds tied to the news cycle, we’re also interested in pieces that offer fresh solutions to familiar or persistent challenges in Jewish communal, political, social and religious life. A piece that is thesis-driven is written to advance an idea, not an ideology, event, or organization.

Stake a bold claim and back it up with evidence.

Before you pitch an op-ed, ask yourself: Why am I qualified to tell the story I want to tell?

We love first-person pieces, and the best ones focus on the writer’s personal experience and how it intersects with or sheds light on a dilemma in the broader social, religious and/or political arena.

If you don’t have a unique experience or insight that makes you the best person to tell the story, you’ll need to be willing to do the work. Come armed with expert interviews, data and other sources to back up your claim. Make sure to source and hyperlink all of your claims, and ensure that there’s a clear connection between the evidence you bring and the opinion you present. Opinion journalism is still journalism.

Approach old ideas in a fresh and engaging way.

It’s not enough to just pitch a story with your opinions about anti-Semitism, Israel, identity politics or the Holocaust. While these are all topics our readers are interested in, new op-eds should provide something that hasn’t been said before.

Write with Jewish diversity in mind.

You know the old saying: Two Jews, three opinions. Our readers span the globe and all have different ideas about politics, Israel, religion and Jewish life. Ideally, op-ed writers will be able to add a unique voice to the mix and speak to all of our readers in a compelling way, whether those readers agree with your opinions or not.

Once you’re ready to write, send a pitch by email (a few sentences about yourself and the piece you’d like to write) to If your piece is a good fit, we’ll be in touch. Unfortunately, we don’t accept any pieces that have been published elsewhere.

We look forward to reading your stories.

Freelance Food Content Writer

Pay: $100-150

More information: Roaming Hunger

Apex Systems is looking for a Freelance Writer

Pay: Full-time

More information: LinkedIn

Freelance Writer

Pay: Full-time

More information: LinkedIn

Science Writer

Pay: Full-time

More information: Glassdoor

Remote News Writer Covering Augmented Reality

Pay: Full-time

More information: LinkedIn


Pay: $1 per word

More information:

ZORA is Medium’s online publication by, for and about women of color. 
Launched in June of 2019, our goal is to provide women of color a must-read destination for daily stories that reflect, enhance and uplift the complexity of her life.

Our topic areas include (in no particular order): current events, culture, identity, race, justice, equality, work/life, family, self, sexuality, parenting, psychology, spirituality, career, friendship, aging, habits, love and dating, body image, trauma and recovery, caregiving, hobbies... and the list goes on.

We look at all these topics through the lens of the lived experiences of women of color. If a story touches on some aspect of pulling back the curtain—on the individual level, or the wider cultural level—it might be a fit for us.

Read more guidelines here.

Writer - Sports, Animals, Travel, Pop Culture, And More

Pay: Full-time

More information: Mediabistro

International Hemp Reporter

Pay: Full-time

More information: Mediabistro

Ghostwriter Wanted. Audience: Parents of High-Achieving Children

Pay: ½-page (approx. 200 words): $40 1-page (approx. 400 words): $60 1.5-pages (approx. 600 words): $80 2-page (approx. 800 words): $100

More information: Mediabistro

Finance & Politics Writer

Pay: $500 - 2000

More information: Mediabistro

Thought Content Drivers Wanted

Pay: $500 - 750

More information: DCG

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First Impressions Count: Why Your Website Matters

First Impressions Count: Why Your Website Matters

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Smart Ways to Sell Your Knowledge