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Best High-Paying Freelance Gigs of the Week: July 1, 2019

Best High-Paying Freelance Gigs of the Week: July 1, 2019

New month, new awesome work-from-home freelance writing jobs! These gigs pay at least $50 a piece, offer a full-time salary, or pay more than $25 an hour. Each one is labeled as a remote job, virtual job or work-from-home job, which means you can do the work from anywhere.

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Note: I don’t know anything about these positions other than what I post. I weed out the seedy looking ones, but it is your job to be diligent when applying. Also, please don’t message me with questions about the postings. If a link doesn’t work the posting has probably been taken down because the gig has been filled. If you have a gig for freelance writers that pays at least $50 a peice or over $25 an hour, please contact me and I will include your gig in next week’s post.

Writer for NYC/Queens Food Blog

Pay $50-75

More information: Craigslist

Atlanta Conversational Writer

Pay: $50, $1,000 for total project

More information: Craigslist

Freelance Writers Covering Black Entrepreneurship & Business News

Pay: $25-$75

More information: Indeed

Content Writer

Pay: Full-time

More information: LinkedIn

Global Issues Writer

Pay: $350

More information: Sourced from Pitchwiz— ZEKE: The Magazine for Global Documentary is seeking writers for its upcoming fall issue. Each issue of ZEKE presents three photo-driven stories on global issues that are accompanied by 1,000-word essays exploring each issue in greater depth.

ZEKE is published twice a year in print and digital by the Social Documentary Network. Past issues have explored global warming, refugees and migration, sexual violence, life and war in Ukraine, maternal health in Africa, the wars in Iraq and Syria, and other issues of global concern.

Writers must have journalism experience or experience interviewing experts and incorporating testimony in final piece. The essays are not opinion pieces but rather are information-driven and drawn from reliable sources.

We will be ready to assign actual articles by June 27 and would need three week turn around for first draft. Compensation is $350 per 1,000 word article.

To view past issues of ZEKE magazine, click here:

Interested candidates should send letter, resume, and writing samples to:

New York Times Updates Writer

Pay: Full-time

More information: LinkedIn

Market Access Writer

Pay: Full-time

More information: LinkedIn

Science Writer

Pay: Full-time

More information: Selfdecode

Senior Tech Writer

Pay: Full-time

More information: Deltek

Canadian Writers

Pay: $250 CDN

More information: FRIENDS' editorial platform provides a space for writers to examine and comment on Canadian media, culture, and democracy.

What We Publish

We publish original essays, op eds, and feature articles up to 1,000 words in length, in both English and French, that offer a distinctly Canadian take on media-related issues and help readers understand the state of journalism and storytelling in our country and how the changing landscape affects our democracy, culture, and daily life. We look for fresh, sharp, original thinking. Topics that interest us include, but are not limited to:

The link between democracy and the media (for examples, view our Dalton Camp Award–winning articles↗︎).

The value of public broadcasting, the role of public broadcasting in a healthy democratic society, and the future of public broadcasting.

The impact of the media crisis on a cause you know well.

How other countries are managing the media crisis.

The impact of local journalism on individual communities, especially Indigenous and minority communities.

Fake news and corruption in the media.

How digital media is shifting the cultural landscape.

Cultural policy in the internet age.

What Canadian content means and what importance it has on our national identity.

How foreign media giants (including Google and Facebook) behave, the role they play in creating Canadian content, and how (much) they should be regulated.

Submission guidelines

Esports Writer

Pay: Full-time

More information: Hitmarker

Tech Writer I

Pay: Full-time

More information: MAXIMUS

Technical Writer - Communications/Marketing and Graphics Support SME

Pay: Full-time

More information: Glassdoor

Buzzfeed Longform Articles

Pay: $1,500

More information: Buzzfeed (Editor contacts are on the right side of the page.)

Rainbow 6 Content Writer / Journalist

Pay: Full-time

More information: Hitmarker

Flaunt Culture, Art, Music Fashion, Films and Entertainment Articles

Pays: $500

More information: Flaunt

Technical Writer

Pay: Full-time

More information: Stryker

US Esports Writer

Pay: $24K–28K a year

More information: Hitmaker

Content Editor

Pay: start at $31 per hour, equivalent to $65,000 per year for full-time work

More information: Glassdoor

B2B and B2C Writer

Pay: $50 an hour

More information: Glassdoor

Sales Email Writer

Pay: Full-time

More information: The Sales Developers We're looking for an ambitious writer who can turn a phrase, stay concise, and compel readers to action. Here's how it works: • Our account manager (AM) meets with a client to understand their campaign goals. • The AM passes all the info + any marketing materials to you. • You use our messaging framework combined with your mad writing skills to create compelling sales copy. Our framework includes email templates, cold call scripts, voicemail scripts, and social media message templates. But all you have to do is nail the value proposition and offer. The framework does the rest. If you think you've got what it takes, send an introductory email like you're pitching us on why you're a great fit. Be sure to use the best techniques you've got to grab attention and leave us wanting more! To apply:

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