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Best High-Paying Freelance Gigs of the Week: August 5, 2019

Best High-Paying Freelance Gigs of the Week: August 5, 2019

Are you making the most of this week? Remember my moto: 12 in play keep the bills at bay. Make sure you’re sending out a dozen applications, pitches, or connections to potential clients per week. Here’s this week’s work-from-home freelance writing jobs to get you started. These gigs pay at least $50 a piece, offer a full-time salary, or pay more than $25 an hour. Each one is labeled as a remote job, virtual job or work-from-home job, which means you can do the work from anywhere.

Also, here are 30+ sites that pay writers for articles, so be sure to check that out.

Note: I don’t know anything about these positions other than what I post. I weed out the seedy looking ones, but it is your job to be diligent when applying. Also, please don’t message me with questions about the postings. If a link doesn’t work the posting has probably been taken down because the gig has been filled. If you have a gig for freelance writers that pays at least $50 a peice or over $25 an hour, please contact me and I will include your gig in next week’s post.

How-to Geek Food Writer

Pay: Freelance writing starting at $100 per article

More information: Ziprecruiter

Freelance Writer for Virtual Book Club Content

Pay: $150 for each book's content writing

More information: Simply Hired

Freelance article writer

Pay: $1.5 per word

More information: Slowdown Guidelines The Slowdown—a Medium publication dedicated to design, business, and technology—is seeking fresh perspectives from freelance writers. We especially love smart critiques paired with optimistic solutions. Do you have insight into bias in AI, how the designed environment affects society, or the future of work? Send us your pitch. Pitches should include links to past work, the basic idea you want to pursue, and what's new about your angle. Stories with original research are preferred, though we also welcome quirky, personal stories. Word count target: 500-2000 words. Check out our site to get an idea of the range of stories we're looking for. Your work will be widely promoted, and you will be paid promptly. The Slowdown is sponsored by Slalom, a modern consulting firm focused on strategy, technology, and business transformation.

Send your pitch here:

Include these things: Samples of your work, a synopsis of your proposed story, and an approximate word count. And a link to your Medium account (you’ll need one to work with us). Target story length: 500–2000 words.

Writer for Matriarchal Culture Magazine

Pay: $250 per article

More information: Craigslist

Web Copy for Services Page for Attorney Website

Pay: $150

More information: Craigslist

Contributing Freelance Writer

Pay: $75-100

More information: Simply Hired

Atlanta Lifestyle & News Writer

Pay: Full-time

More information: LinkedIn

Business Writer

Pay: Full-time

More information: Ladders

Restaurants & Retail Business Staff Writer

Pay: Full-time

More information: LinkedIn

Legal Writer

Pay: Full-time- Hourly rate is $30.

More information: LinkedIn

Content Writer with Contract Management Experience

Pay: $20k – $40k

More information: Hitshop

Content Writer at wisp

Pay: $5k – $10k

More information: Wisp

Visual Arts News is now accepting pitches on the theme of architecture

Pay: $100 to $150

More information: Visual Arts News is now accepting pitches on the theme of architecture now until September 19th for our Spring 2020 issue. Check out our website for more information:

How to pitch:

Subject line: PITCH Visual Arts News

Email body: (200-300 words) What you want to cover and why it would be of interest to Visual Arts News, your angle and the format (review, profile, interview, feature). Include links to the artist’s website, the gallery website, and pertinent exhibition info (dates, location, curator, images etc.).

New writers, please also describe who you are and why your voice is a good fit for our publication. Please also attach your CV along with 2-3 writing samples to reviews, articles, or essays.

Send all materials by email to:

All editorial decisions are made at the discretion of the Editorial Committee. If you are also submitting photos, please ensure they are 300dpi and a minimum of four inches wide. To be considered, proposals must be received by the issue’s stipulated deadline noted above.

Writer’s fees range from $100 to $150 per article, payable upon acceptance from the editor. All texts are submitted on a conditional basis. While the editor will work with authors to clarify their writing, texts are not considered accepted until the editor accepts the final draft. There is no “kill fee” for a declined text.

Editorial Policy:

Visual Arts News is the only magazine dedicated to contemporary visual art in Atlantic Canada. Although our focus is Atlantic Canadian art and artists, we also accept stories about national and international art and events that we believe are of interest to our readership.

Written in a clear and sophisticated style by some of the most talented arts writers in the region, Visual Arts News reflects the diversity of geographic and cultural communities in Atlantic Canada. The magazine is committed to providing balanced, engaging information about visual arts and artists. Our Editorial Committee is responsible for content selection, and the Editor assigns writers to each story. Although we are a non-profit organization supported in part by advertising, we recognize the importance of maintaining a clear separation between our independent editorial content and any advertising materials found in the magazine. Visual Arts News cannot guarantee editorial content or placement to advertisers.

Content Update Editor, Verywell

Pay: $30 per hour

More information: MediaBistro

Full-Time Writer And Part-Time Writer Needed For Reality TV News Site - Realityblurb.Com

Pay: Position pays $25 per article. Full-Time position will pay $3000 to $5000 a month plus bonuses

More information: MediaBistro

Outdoor Coffee Content Specialist – 1 article & 1 video week

Pay: $1,000 per month

More information: Problogger

PBC Guru Virtual Content Writer

Pay: $150 per day

More information: Indeed

Freelance Resume Writer

Pay: $3,500 a month

More information: Talent.Inc

Copywriter / Publicist (Choose Your Own Hours)

Pay: $2,500 per week

More information: Indeed

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