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First Impressions Count: Why Your Website Matters

First Impressions Count: Why Your Website Matters

Having any website has to be better than no website at all, right? Wrong! Yes, a website is essential for writers, but not any old website will do. You pour your heart and soul into your writing business, so why would you want to downgrade it by plastering your business' name on a website that's not up to scratch?

There is no point in having a website, simply for the sake of having a website. Your website needs to perform a lot of tasks, so it needs to be done right. If you're still feeling unsure of why your business' website is so important, here's why it's a valuable tool that you shouldn't ignore.

First Impressions Really Do Count

Whether you are a new freelance writer or a well-known expert, people are going to want to do a little research before taking the plunge and hiring you. Guess where most people go to find out the information that they need? Yep, you guessed it, the internet. If you don't have a website, well, the chances are that your competitors will benefit. Nowadays, product research and purchase decisions are mainly carried out online, so don't miss your opportunity to get your business noticed. Don’t rely on a Facebook page. There’s only so much information you can give your potential clients there and it’s hard to show off your brand on a FB page.

How do you create a good impression? Here are some tips from Jorden Makelle:

Make Things Easy

Want to make your business stand out from your competitors? If so, your website can help. A well-designed website which looks great and provides your customers with all the information they need to make an informed purchase is vital. Creating a website which performs all of these tasks can be tricky. Your website needs to be professional and perform a variety of functions, including being easy to read on a phone or laptop. Therefore, it's a good idea to enlist the help of a web design company to guide you through the whole process and make your ideas a reality.

Having a great website performs another vital function; it helps to build up your brand. Keep your website consistent with the rest of your business' branding, and you will have the perfect medium for boosting your brand recognition and building up brand loyalty among your customers.

Multitasking Made Easier

Here are some more ways that you can add further value to your website:

  • Use your website as a way of making sales by adding an online shop, complete with content packages. For example, one content package could be a quote for a month’s worth of blog posts for X amount. Clients like content packages because they know exactly how much they will be spending and what they’re getting.

  • Introduce a blog section to help build a stronger connection to your customers and provide them with lots of useful information that will keep them coming back for more. Be sure to focus on your niche.

  • Include a FAQ page, so that you can address any queries or possible issues that may be preventing potential customers from purchasing your services.

Your website is the ideal platform to use as a way of bringing together various elements of your business. If it is designed right, your website can work at multitasking your branding, marketing, sales and promotion. 

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