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Is Your Website Hurting Your Brand In More than One Way?

Is Your Website Hurting Your Brand In More than One Way?

Having a website is a good way of building your brand as a person and a professional. However, if you don’t get it right, you might be hurting your online image, and do more harm than good. Below you'll find a few tips on how to fix your poorly performing website and make sure that you are able to strengthen your brand, get the word out about your services, and cash in at the end.

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Poor Design

The first thing visitors will notice when landing on your site is the design of your pages. If you're using a standard or a cheap old template, it might be time to get rid of it. Always check how your site looks on different screens, as chances are that some of the fonts will not be displayed correctly. This means that you will lose up to 50 percent of your visitors and your site will suffer from high bounce rates and low rankings in search engines.

Slow Speed

Another important thing you have to check is the speed of your pages. If it takes more than a second to load a page or a graphic, visitors are more likely to turn back. You might have an issue with your host or server, maybe you will need to reduce the size of images and files you display on your pages. Get in touch with vps europe to find better and faster hosting options for your needs.  

Lack of Call to Action

If people don’t know what you want them to do once they land on your site, they will never take action. Make sure that you build an effective sales funnel that will convert online visitors into leads and eventually customers. You will need to automate your online communication and provide enough information for people visiting your site to make a decision whether or not what you offer is for them. This will make your entire marketing more effective.

Spelling Mistakes

If there is one thing that is the pet hate of blog visitors it is spelling mistakes. Most blogging platforms now have a built in spell check and grammar software, but if you are not confident that they will fix all the issues, you might sign up for Grammarly or Ginger and get rid of the mistakes that can annoy some of your readers.

Lack of Engagement

If you want to make your visitors love you and connect with your brand on a personal level, you might want to add a personal touch. This can be an anecdote a behind-the-scene interview, or a case study that will let people in and make them feel as if they knew you forever. Talk to your audience instead of simply publishing content, and you will get more interaction on your pages.


If you have an ugly, outdated, or low quality website, you can damage your brand and reputation for years to come. Fix the issues, check the page loading speed, and make sure that you deal with the grammar and spelling errors on the go. Feel free to share your website in the comments!


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