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Blog Distributor Review: Make Money With Your Blog

I signed up with Blog Distributor years ago and then forgot all about it. A week ago, I started getting emails from them with blogging offers. I scoffed at first, but then I decided to give them a try. 
Here's how the site works:

You sign up your blog(s). The site checks you blog to make sure that it is high quality. I saw a review about Blog Distributor on another blog. The blogger was ranting that she got turned down because she didn't have a firm grasp of the English I guess there is proof they have standards. They send you offers to write content on certain subjects. In the content you link to one of their client's sites. The content only has to be around 100 words and must contain a certain keyword phrase at least once. If you're post is approved, you earn $4 for a blog that has a page rank rating of 1 and $8 for a blog that has a page rating of 2. Of course, the higher your blog's page rating, the higher your payment.

I think the pay is pretty good for a post that could take you five minutes to write. Plus, you are producing fresh content for your blog. I give this site a thumbs up.
Pro tip: Write what you would normally write about on your blog, but use the keyword as a writing prompt to fuel the subject of the post. This keeps you from being spammy.

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