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Disposable Wedding Cameras or a Cannon Rebel: How Important is Photos When You're a Freelance Writer?

My daughter holding one of my first cameras.

Up until recently, I had a Cannon Rebel EOS camera to take pictures for all of my freelance articles. Now, let's just say I don't have it any more. All I have is the camera on my smartphone. This got me to thinking, just how important is the type of camera you use for photos?

Way back at the beginning of my freelancing career, I used a SLR camera, until it broke. Then I moved on to using disposable wedding cameras. Yep, you read that right. My husband took pity on me and bought me a nice digital camera and now I'm using my smartphone.

Through the evolution of my camera ownership, one thing has stayed the same: I have always been able to use the photos I take for paid freelancing work. It turns out the camera type didn't make a difference. What made the difference was my determination to get a good shot, no matter how long it took.

Even with this realization, I still want to upgrade to a smartphone with a flash, just to make things easier.

What type of camera do you use?

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