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How to Use Vacations to Make You a Wealthier Freelance Writer

Well, I took another vacation last week. I seem to be taking vacations every couple of months now. It's one of the biggest benefits of being a freelance writer, at least to me.
You may be surprised to learn that I often take my vacation time and use it to get wealthier while I relax and travel. How do I relax and make money at the same time? Simple. I pay attention.
For example, on a recent trip to Oklahoma City I noticed that there was an art show being held. Since I write art related articles, I just had to go. I talked to the artists and exchanged business cards. My little trip resulted in a $150 article assignment about one of the artists.

My Family, Minus Husband, On Vacation

You never know where your next article idea may come from and vacation time is one of the best times to gather ideas. You're relaxed, so your brain is going to be more receptive to new ideas. Plus, you are experiencing new things, which is also conductive to creative thinking.
Here's how I reap article ideas while still having fun:
Keep your eyes open. Watch people. Talk to them. You may find a great story. Take lots of photographs of new things. These may come in handy later. Always have a notebook on hand to jot down ideas. Don't writer everything down. Take a picture of plaques and signs that you need to remember. Gather brochures, free local magazines and pamphlets to get ideas for travel destination articles. Visit the Chamber of Commerce and talk with someone who works there for all the local dirt.

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