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What to Read this Week: March 9-15 Marketing Tips from the Pros

What to read this week includes curated articles on marketing, branding, content and more.  

Here's another installment of What to Read this Week. Every Monday I let you take a peek at what I'm reading. This week there is some really great stuff for you guys looking to brush up on marketing.

Pinterest Marketing Tips

First up, Danny over at Firepole wants to know: Does Your Pinterest Marketing Need a More Personal Touch? The article centers around Pinterest's new feature called Pinterest messaging and how using it can give your Pinterest account a much more personalized feel.

Here is my favorite quote from the article:

Your end sales goal is to expose your expertise to new audiences. The best people to help you accomplish this are your fans who already love what you do, and have a large following of their own! By asking them to repin your content and expose it to their audience, you’re putting your work in front of new audiences.

Do You Feel Like a Marketing Idiot?

Who hasn't felt like an idiot when talking about their business? So it's no surprise that the title of Amy Dunn Moscoso's blog this week was: Why You Feel Like an Idiot When You Talk About Your Blog (and How to Fix It).  My favorite quote from the post was:

Look at the most successful blogs in your niche and ask, “Why should people read my blog instead of those?”

If you don’t have a convincing answer, poor positioning is probably to blame.

Get Those Leads!

One of my go-to reading destinations is Social Media Examiner, and this week is no different. 's article on creating content that generates leads has got me glued to the screen.  Now, every marketer  has his or her own approach to the marketing funnel. Andy dishes on his take in this article. My favorite part is:

If your conversion rate from visitors into leads is good (above 2%), but your traffic is low, the top of your funnel is weak.

What are you reading this week? Let me know in the comments!

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