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What to Read this Week: March 23-29 Fresh Content Ideas for Spring

Shh, I'm reading. Hey, welcome to this week's installment of What to Read. Spring has sprung and there is no better time to refresh your website or blog with new content. (You really should be refreshing your content regularly, by the way.) If you haven't posted in a while, or you just need some great ideas, check out these articles.

Blooming Blast of Blog Post Ideas

Need a great idea for a blog post? Russ Henneberry has 212 content ideas for you! Check out this post The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas. The best part is the infographic, which I have printed out and posted on my office wall. I NEVER do that, so you know this post is a good one. Hey, even content experts like me need some inspiration from time to time!

Recycle, Refresh and Reuse

Sometimes fresh content doesn't need to be, well, fresh. It just needs to be new to the audience. That's why I'm digging 11 Ways to Repurpose Blog Content Into New Media by 

If you have considered podcasting, but don’t know what to talk about, grab a few points from your latest article and expand upon each bullet point.

Repurposing your content is good, but what about posting content verbatim somewhere else? Does it hurt your site? Kim Cooper and Andy Crestodina have the answers in this article: Is Reposting Blog Content On LinkedIn Pulse, Medium, and Other Sites a Good Idea? Here is a great quote from the article:

The idea behind copying and pasting an article into another location is simply to make it more visible to a broader audience. It’s a brand builder and it works. But there are a lot of things that it doesn’t do…

Make Landing Pages Your New Content

I like to share free stuff with you guys each week and this week isn't any different. Why not add some great landing pages to your site content? These pages will drive conversions and help your bottom line. The good people over atLeadpages are giving away three flexible landing page templates that will increase your conversions.

What are you reading this week? Tell me in the comments or hit me up on Twitter. 

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