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Why Hiring Professionals Prevents Distractions

Is it uncomfortable in here or is it just me? I hate wearing constricting clothing. I hate it so much that when I'm wearing a tight pair of slacks or a jacket that restricts my arm movements it's all I think about. I can't get any work done because so much of my mental energy is going towards my angst.

I'm not crazy. Studies have shown that multitasking limits productivity. Douglas Merrill over at Forbes wrote a great blog about multitasking and productivity, if you haven't already read about it.

Isn't fussing mentally about something while you're trying to work multitasking? I'm going somewhere with this, I promise.

I'd like you to think about all of the things that makes you uncomfortable.

Are you still with me?

Imagine how hard it would be for a person to concentrate on your site's message or sale pitch if there was something that was bothering them.

Ahh, see I told you all this was going somewhere.

It is important to remove all distractions from your site so that your visitors can concentrate on your message. So what are some things that can distract a visitor? Here are just a few:

  • Misspelled words
  • Bad grammar
  • Cap locks
  • Poor design
  • Garish colors
  • Bad stock photos

You get the idea.

The best way to ensure that your site isn't distracting is to hire a designer to give you a professional, slick site design that focuses on your content and content specialist to ensure that the content isn't distracting from your message. If you don't hire me, then hire someone. Your message deserves a distraction-free environment.

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