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My Office Makeover: Chic, Retro Restyled Filing Cabinets



Yesterday, I told you that I was redecorating my office and will be posting the results throughout the month (Click here to see the before photos). Today, I am going to show you my first project. My office contains two rusty filing cabinets that I decided to restyle in a funk, retro way.

I've seen other projects where people have restyled filing cabinets with paper and paint. Well, I did mine with paint and vintage fabric I got for free on Freecycle.

My office decor colors are a perky yellow and a cobalt blue. So, I painted the cabinets with Rustoleum Sunny Yellow, as you can see.

I gathered my tools which included wax paper to protect my work surface, Elmer's School Glue, fabric scissors, a paper plate to pure my glue into and a paper plate cut into a wedge to smooth the glue with. 

Next, I covered the drawer fronts in my vintage print fabric. I started by covering cutting the fabric to the size of the drawer front. Then, I covered the fabric in white craft glue and let it dry.

Then, I smeared glue all over the surface of the drawer front and stuck the fabric panel to the drawer. I let it dry completely, then I trimmed the excess fabric from the edges of the drawer and cut a slit so the drawer handle would be accessible. 

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My Office Makeover: Before