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Make a Quick Change to Your Home Office with Wrapping Paper

You may remember my office makeover from quite awhile back. Since then, things have gotten worn and I just needed a change. I found a couple rolls of really pretty wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby and thought, "Why not?" First, I cut pieces that would cover my two desks. The tops were worn and stained and I didn't feel like painting them.

craft desk

I sprayed the desks down with spray adhesive and smoothed the wrapping paper down.

craft desk makeover

freelance writer office

You're probably thinking, "But that won't be durable!" I've found that if you do this with a thick paper with a glossy finish, spills wipe up easily. Besides, if the paper starts looking too bad, I can just rip it off, toss it in the recycling and start over. For around $6 a roll, it's no problem.

I then went on to freshen up my filing cabinets in the same way. I stripped off the cloth from the drawers.

how to refinish a filing cabinet

Filing cabinet redo

Then, I sprayed the drawer fronts with spray adhesive and stuck a piece of wrapping paper to them.

refinishing a filing cabinet for office

I trimmed each drawer with a craft knife and I was done!

finished filing cabinet makeover

So much better than how these cabinets looked when I rescued them. Here's a reminder:

rusty filing cabinet upcycle


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