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Freelance Job Opening: TMDM Writer's Platform

I received an email from TMDM and I thought I'd pass along the information to my readers:

Dear Alina - 

Thanks for your interest in our platform: Please start with an application here :

Once inducted - you can start accessing dozens of daily orders posted on there. The pricing is better than industry standards - therefore you would have write-ups that come with rates starting from 0.02$/word all the way up to 0.07$/word. Remember - these are flat rates paid directly to you - we do not take a cut because it is us, the platform, posting orders and not third party clients. In addition to the high pay, you would be dealing solely with the site's management - assuring you a professional experience. 

TMatrix Digital Media LLC is a small Pennsylvania company, which owns and manages the above mentioned platform: Please think of us as an elance/odesk type of platform, only we collect and publish all orders from our varied sites and accumulate them on the platform. From there, all our tutors/authors can fish for orders automatically. The exact way the platform works is found here:

The rest of the platform would not be accessible until your application is approved by the editors. 

Author Relations
TMatrix Digital Media LLC, PA
931 Congress Hill Road, Franklin, PA.


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