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How to Deal With Rude Clients Without Ruining Your Week


What is wrong with people?

One of my new clients recently used "ugh" and "this is really terrible" when sending back three articles for edits.

Now, usually, this unprofessional attitude wouldn't bother me. I would make the edits, collect my money and be on my way. Not with this guy, though. This guy told me to make edits that didn't even make sense. He said that even though my grammar was correct he still hated my sentences. He didn't like that I used the word "people." It went on and on.

Then, at the end of the tirade on what I should correct, he told me to just scrap everything and start over or quit. You know what I did? I quit.

After a while, you can also get a feel for people. Some clients will never be satisfied no matter what you write. I had a feeling this guy was one of those people. Super-rude and unprofessional clients get the door. That has been my policy for years and it has never lead me astray. Life is too short to spend time on people who can't act professional.

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