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Demand Studios Changes Payment Policy

For any of you writers out there that still creates articles for Demand Studios, I have some news. Demand has changed their payment policy. Here is what they posted in the forums:

Hello everyone,

As you already know, Demand Media Studios has been expanding to include writers, editors and translators in Latin America for the growing eHow Espanol site. As the Studio community grows to include additional roles in new parts of the world, we have needed to review and update our current practices to best support our international community.

As such, starting June 5 we are making a change to the way payments are transmitted by the Studio. You will continue to be paid twice a week via PayPal. But going forward, payments will only be transmitted to you each pay day if you have earned at least $10 in the previous pay period. Anything below the $10 threshold will automatically be rolled over to the next pay period towards that minimum payment. So if your earnings for a given pay period were only $7 and the next pay period you earned $4, you would be paid out at the end of the second pay period the full amount of $11.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please post them here.

Thank you,

Demand Media Studios Team

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