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Demand Media Studios Now Charges for Revenue Share

Have you noticed a negative amount in your account balance at Demand Media? Many writers are. Why? Now Demand Media Studios is charging writers if their revenue share articles don't make enough. This is a statement made by Josh the Comunity Moderator over at DMS (the bolding is mine):

"During January of each calendar year, and provided that your account has been in existence and in good standing for at least the prior six (6) months, Demand Studios will automatically distribute any earnings reflected in your account at the end of the prior calendar year that are more than $1 and less than $10, minus a $1 nonrefundable processing fee. In the event the earnings reflected in your account are less than $1 at the end of any calendar year, those earnings will be forfeited and reset to $0 (zero dollars) during January of the following calendar year, and you will not be entitled to payment of any such earnings."

I'm posting this information here just in case they delete the thread and other writers would like to see the original source of this information.
This tactic is like stealing money in my opinion. That money is the writers. They earned it. Taking it without notice is wrong.
Do you have a negative balance? How does this make you feel?

Follow Up:
I guess Demand decided they messed up because they issued a notice saying that they are reversing all deductions.

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