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Demand Media Studios Cuts Writers

If you haven't checked into your DMS account lately, maybe you should. From what I understand, Demand Media Studios just cut a huge number of writers from their system and put many of them on probation in the Writer Development Program.
I myself hardly ever go into the forums because it's usually a lot of complaining about copy editors. My account is fine, too, so I didn't know there was anything wrong. Today I had heard a rumor, though, that something big was going down so I checked in. Writers are in a tizzy to say the least.
From what I gather, writers with a grammar and research scores under 3.8 are getting the smack-down. Especially if they aren't part of any special projects such as LiveStrong or Tyra Banks.
If you haven't received an email from DMS and your account is still active, breath a sigh of relief. DMS says that all letters have been sent out and there won't be a second wave anytime soon.

Update: Some are reporting that only 35% of Demand's writers are left after the mass firing/probation. 

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