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How to Replace Demand Media Studios?

Lately I have been writing a lot for Demand Media Studios. Here's why:

They pay twice a week I can make $30 an hour or more The articles can be written using very little brain power I can do $100 worth of work in a few hours and spend the rest of the day working on my ebook, blogs or websites

There have been rumors swirling, though, that DMS is having financial trouble and won't be able to last much longer. So, after tapering off for a few weeks, I'm back to the client hunt so I can keep more eggs in my basket (I have several clients other than Demand) while I build my own website and write my ebook. The problem is I keep seeing job ads offering writers less than $30 an hour but want more work. I usually click right past them because I think of the easy money at DMS.
What happened to all of the good jobs? I'm guessing the recession mixed with a heavy dose of Panda has made most website owners wary of paying writers what they are worth.
Before I get emails contradicting me, I know that there are good paying clients out there. They are just few and far between. I also know that DMS is a content mill. In DMS' defense, though, they are trying to change their image by specializing and going after big name clients.
I guess I'm going to stick with doing the DMS thing for a while longer while I get my own projects off the ground.

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