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Why I Still Write for Suite 101

After Panda, Suite 101 face-planted into the asphalt of the Google highway. Many of my writer friends there quit or just stopped writing. Some went on to create websites and blogs specifically aimed at roasting Suite.
Me? I stayed.
My reasons may not make sense to everyone, but I'll share them anyway:

I still make a decent chunk of change there. My earnings are steadily going up and are almost back to pre-Panda days. I am now what Suite calls a "Topic Editor." I'm over two sections, Mixed Media Arts and Painting/Drawing. The position only pays $.5 an article, but I don't really do any major editing. I scan over the article, tweak a few things that need fixing and make sure that there is nothing majorly wrong with the article. If there is I boot the article up to the section editor. The process takes just a couple of minutes.  Plus, I have over 300 articles at Suite and I've been there since 2006. Kinda hard to let go.

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