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Links to Freelance Writing Job Sites and Leads

Since I'm looking for freelance work again, I thought I'd share some of the freelance job sites where I look for freelance jobs at. They are tied and true and full of great job leads.The best part is that I've weeded out sites that list mainly location specific jobs. It's all freelance, all the way.
About Freelance Writing Write Jobs Freelance Writing Gigs Online Writing Jobs Sun Oasis Absolute Write Networking and Sharing Leads Forum Absolute Write Paying Jobs Forum Places for Writers Writerfind Freelance Job Openings .com Twit Job Search Rat Race Rebellion (Be careful. There's a lot of junk on this site.) Blue Badger  Now that you know where to find freelance job ads, check out how to search through them quickly to find the best paying clients with this post:
How to Quickly Weed Through Freelance Writing Job AdsHere is a link to how to apply to the jobs using templates:How to Apply for Freelance Writing Jobs Quickly

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