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eHow is Using Copyrighted Images? Hmmm...

So, many of you may remember that eHow was in hot water last year for stealing unintentionally taking traffic from its users. Well, it has now come to light that eHow has been using images posted by users and placing them on other articles.
I was skeptical until I googled my own images that I had posted on my articles. Yep. eHow used my images to redirect traffic to articles they own. This includes illustrations that I have done for some of my how-to articles.
Here's an example of what I found:
I image googled the title of one of my eHow articles- "How to Illustrate Children's Books" I clicked on the image that I posted with the article I was redirected away from my article to "Children's Book Illustrator Job" These redirects wouldn't be such a big deal, but eHow are supposedly storing the images in an "eHow image bank" according to other eHow users. These images are used on DS (Demand Studio) articles without attribution.
eHow has no right to use my copyrighted images. I have only given them permission to use the image on my article.

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