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This Week is My 4 Year Anniversary at Suite 101

Well, as of March 14th, I have been with Suite 101 for four years. I know there are some writers out there that would say, "Now why would you want to stay with a revenue share site for over four years?"
Well, I started with Suite to build a platform for my artistic endeavors. I signed on as the Painting/Drawing Feature Writer and now my art related articles get around 19,000 PVs a week. That's right. That's around 100,000 PVs a month.
Not a bad platform.
I also get:
Hundreds of views for my art blog on Suite Letters from readers telling me how I've inspired them Free art product samples to try out I've even gone on a few press trips thanks to my creds on Suite By now you're probably thinking, "Yah, yah, that's great. Now tell me about the money."
If you like making money by only writing four hours a month, then you'll like Suite. I make around $300 a month writing around four hours a month for Suite. That's $75 an hour. Not my best paying gig, but hey, it's pretty good money considering that it all started out as a side thing to boost my art career.
Plus, art articles aren't the best for ad click revenue. People come to see the articles, but poor artists don't tend to click on ads. So, I guess I'm doing pretty good.

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