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How to Make Money with Demand Studios

I just received an email from a new Demand Studios writer. Since I have been with DS since 2007, she wanted some tips from me on how to make it as a writer there. Here's what I told her:
Read all of the information that is in the resources area of the site. Check the forums regularly for new information. To get higher paying article, keep an eye on the special assignment part of the forum  Make sure not to get a whole lot of rejections. They say that a 4% rejection rate is bad and the writer will be reviewed.  Don't worry too much about your score. It will go up and down, but as long as you're in the average range or higher you should be okay. My scores have been between 3 and 5 and I have still gotten tons of special assignments that pay $20-$50 per article. Hope that helps all you new Demand Studios writers!

Writing for Demand Studios

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