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Make Money on the Web with eHow

eHow, and its owner's, Demand Studios, has been touted as the new wave in web content and as a huge money maker on the web. In fact, eHow has been featured in many high-profile publications such as Wired and the New York Times lately.
Now, we know that Demand Studios is making a killing with the site, but what about the people writing the content? How does this residual income site work?

Changes at eHow

As of late, eHow has been going through a "clean-up" process, which eHow claims will bring a new sense of high standard and respectability to the site. Unfortunately for the people who write content there, this clean-up means losing articles. Since articles are what earns money on the site, inevitably, writers are losing money.
So, eHow isn't the get-money-quick scheme that it used to be. There's no more posting clone articles in-mass and then raking in the dough for those who used to have hundreds of articles on the site.

How to Make Money on eHow

Today, only legit articles that are well written and full of information are allowed. If you are a good writer that knows your subject, this shouldn't be a problem.
So how do you make money on eHow now that it's changed gears?
First, read the sites guidelines and follow them when writing articles.
Second, read Desolator's Guide to Ehow. It is jammed-packed with info that will help you earn a lot from your articles. This guy is crazy, but he's great at telling you exactly what you need to know to milk eHow for all it's worth.
For examples of eHow articles that have made it through the clean-up, take a look at mine here: Alina Bradford's Articles

Update: eHow is now only accepting article submissions through Demand Media Studios. To write for eHow you will need to fill out an application at the Demand Media Studios website.

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