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When A House Move Becomes A Career Move

There are plenty of good reasons for moving . Your family may have outgrown your current accommodations. Maybe you want to be closer to relatives. Perhaps you have to move to a new city to start an exciting new job. Before you sign on the dotted line for your next property, have a think about the long term future. Are you perhaps ready to start pursuing your own freelance business opportunities? Even if you’re moving as part of a career advancement with an employer, you should consider where you hope to be in five years or even ten years time. Most people that start their own business have to start very small. They can’t afford to give up the day job for quite a while as they begin to build a reputation and client list. No matter how humble the beginnings, you can still make it, though. All you need is a space at home that is dedicated to your business.

becoming a freelance writer as a career


Moving house is the perfect opportunity to make sure you have that nook, room, or garage that can become the center of operations for your startup. It can be better value for money than renovating too. Freelancers, especially freelance writers, need somewhere quiet with minimal interruption. A space that promotes your creativity will have a window with natural light and air. There will be walls where you can hang motivational posters, calendars, noticeboards, and ideas. Search for properties that have that extra space for you.

Another benefit of a fresh-start property is that you can organize the furniture in a way that better suits this part of your life. Everything is packed up, and you have a fresh canvas of space to unpack it into. This can be quite freeing as it helps you keep clutter at bay. Choose safe movers that you can trust to take care of all your belongings responsibly. If you need some storage space for a while, your moving company should be able to assist.


You might be starting a job with an employer, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be just as excited about your home office. Having a dedicated space for you to launch your own business could be just the push you need to get going. Of course, you may already have left your working life behind, and you’re ready to go it alone. Would a house move better your chances at success?

No matter what kind of business you’re in, you will need to meet with clients, visit research centers or libraries for fact checking, and find suppliers. Rural living is great for some people, especially creatives. The trouble is that it makes it difficult and costly to get to the city to meet the people that support your business. As your business grows, you may not have access to the talent pool you need. Moving your home closer to the center of things can help you progress if you have a home business.

A change of house can herald the start of a new era for you and your family. It may also afford you the space you need to make your freelance business or working career bloom. Would you move to make it?

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