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How to Make Some Extra Cash Away from the Office

Making a bit of extra money outside of work is easier than it ever by the rise of the technological advances. As technology has grown, the capabilities to work pretty much anywhere have grown too.For instance, there are a whole host of ways to make a bit of extra money via the internet. You can create your own online marketplace and sell everything you no longer need any our life; you can take on the world of the online stock market; you can begin a blog; or you could upload videos to Youtube and make a cool £11 million net worth from doing so like Youtube personality KSI. Okay, maybe it would be a bit hard to make that much, but you can always use the Internet legally to make a bit of extra cash on the side.



But why limit yourself to making just a bit of extra cash outside of work? You could take the venture of making your own money a step further by starting your own-home based business. There are whole host of ideas that you can turn into a reality, some of which can be found here:

If you have become sick of the long commute to work every morning, or are just sick of being an employee, then eradicate the problem. Running a business from home means you don’t even necessarily have to get out bed, and it certainly means you won’t be an employee of anybody any longer. And there are services and platforms out there designed specifically to enhance home-based businesses and make them seem more bona-fide than they actually are. Virtual office systems, such as that provided at, allows for the stigma of working under a residential address to not be one that your business has to worry about despite that fact that it does actually work under one. Your mail would be sent to an office that would be deemed as being far more professional, and then forwarded to you; thus meaning that both you and your client are happy.

Whatever type of work you do from home, however, it is imperative that you remain as healthy as possible — a task that is sometimes surprisingly hard to do. What with all the not-so-healthy food in the cupboards in your kitchen and the fact that working from home can sometimes drive to delve into them because of boredom, and because of the fact that you don’t have to do whole of moving about, remains healthy whilst working from home is one of the biggest challenges involved with the venture. You can counter it by stocking your cupboards with healthy alternatives that will provide you with just as much energy and stimulation as junk food does, trading your teas and coffee for green teas, and spending a few hours a day stood up instead of sitting down when working. In regards to the latter: one the bright side, at least you won’t be getting any funny looks for doing so, like you may do in the office!


Stand up at your desk

Whatever way you decide to make some extra money, or even forge a career, you should always make sure that you are dedicated enough to see the venture through, especially if you quit your job to do so.

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