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How To Be A Freelancer (Without Losing Your Mind!)

A lot of people feel trapped by the everyday humdrum of nine to five work. They feel as though they have no freedom over what they do, their time no longer belongs to them, and that they're not really getting anything out of the work that they're doing. For people in this kind of position, there's one type of work that's more tempting than just about any other: freelancing. Working freelance often seems like the solution and, for the most part, it is! However, it's important to know that it's not all rainbows and butterflies. Freelance work is still working.

If you're sure that the freelance life is something that you want to pursue, here are a few tips for how to be a freelancer without going completely insane.

Give Yourself Set Hours

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One of the most tempting things about working freelance is that you get to be in charge of your own hours. This can be incredibly tempting because it brings to mind the idea of getting to lie in bed until noon and then start working whenever you feel like it.

This is certainly possible, but it's important to remember that you've got to make that time up somewhere, and it's usually at night. Unless you're happy becoming completely nocturnal, it's a good idea to set yourself reasonable hours and stick to them to avoid collapsing from exhaustion.

Have a Dedicated Workspace

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You might be tempted to spend every day working in bed while still wearing your PJs. DO NOT DO THIS! This is one of the most common mistakes that many freelancers make in the early days. By doing this, you're going to end up doing two things.

Firstly, you won't be able to separate your home life from your work life, which means that you're going to end up feeling a constant pressure to work. And secondly, you're going to end up hurting your spine pretty badly. Working bed or on the couch puts a lot of strain on your back.

It's a much better idea to find the best office chair that will offer you the maximum amount of both comfort and support. Plus, having a dedicated space to work at will help you avoid the dozens of distractions that are probably all over your home.

Always be Ready for Something New

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One thing about freelancing is that you can't always be sure where you're next paycheck is coming from. It's a good idea to have a large selection of clients you can work for so that if one falls through you're not left totally in the lurch. Because of this, you're going to want to be ready for anything. One day you might be working within the lifestyle industry, the next you might have to know about the engines of large-scale naval ships. Do your best to stay in your niche, but be prepared to write about everything and anything!

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