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Stop Showing Visitors The Door

Get more website visitors with these simple fixes.

Trust me. When it comes to a business’s online presence, there’s nothing as important as the website. Think of it as your front door. You don't want people to walk away before they get the skinny on your business.

If people are leaving before they get a chance to get themselves properly informed, it might be because of a few of the issues mentioned below.

getting visitors for website

getting visitors for website

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Looking Amateur

It’s the first mistake that a lot of businesses newly online will make. They will take the design of the site into their own hands and aim for something that looks passable. In the end, it only looks generic and amateur. Put some thought into the visual brand of the business and what you want the site to communicate visually.

There are plenty of design tools you can use, like customizable WordPress templates, such as Customizable (that's what I use).

Make sure that someone outside of the business gets to offer some input on on your design, too. Insular design strategies are the easiest ways to miss glaring flaws.

Adding Barriers Where You Don’t Need Them

Even more important than how a site looks is its usability. Sites like make it clear that user experience is the core of what makes a good website. Content that clogs up a page so that the user has to keep scrolling to find what they want and navigation bars crowded with options get in the way of usability. Think about the goals of the user visiting the site and create set paths for those goals specifically. The rest is fat that needs to be trimmed. Cut out quotes of the day, gifs and pages that have nothing to do with your topic, personal rants and other junk.

Leading People to Broken Pages

Perhaps the most anti-user experience you can provide is letting people click on a link that takes them a 404 page or a page under construction. You probably didn’t want that to happen, but the websites you’re linking to change over time and you need to make sure you’re not left in the lurch by that. There are a lot of tools you can use to check the site for dead links, so make sure you do some housework from time to time.

Showing Outdated Info

The same rule applies to any content that you have on the site. You might want to keep some for posterity’s sake, but if you have content that is ill-informed because it’s out of date or you’re showing stats that have improved, people won’t trust what you have to say. As states, you have to keep a business relevant to make it look like a professional operation. Take the time updating your content when you need to.

Your Content is Inconsistent

There are many ways to use different forms of content on your site. Written content, video content, infographics, so on and so forth. Using a variety isn’t a bad thing, but you have to make sure that there’s some consistency in them. They need to fill the same space in the site layout, they need to be consistently categorized and they should fit the tone of the brand. If they don’t, it looks like the business is scatter-brained and doesn’t know where to focus, making you look unprofessional.

Getting people onto your site isn’t enough. You need to ensure that you have a site that’s going to keep retaining them. A well-designed, reliable site with some semblance of relevance and a message to it is the minimum requirement for a good business site.

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