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Get Your Pagerank Back, Score a Rocking Landing Page and more this Week: What to Read this Week, April 20-26

get your pagerank back Hi and welcome to this What to Read this Week. I want you to be a business superstar. You can't be a superstar without a little help from your friends. So, here are some great reads on getting your pagerank back, scoring a rocking landing page, writing headlines that melt people's faces and more.

Make Your Landing Pages Rock

The best way to sell your product is to make your landing page rock. One guide on landing pages that I think you'll find interesting is Hacker's Guide to Awesome Landing Page with Singup Form. Here is a quote from the guide to give you an idea of its angle:

Growing email marketing list is hard, but it is crucial for your online business. The good news is that there are some really easy places you are already collecting email addresses. All you need to do is make sure these email addresses make it inside your subscribers list. With Zapier, Mandrill and MailChimp that's a piece of cake. By leveraging cloud services to do the heavy lifting - we get a lot of value instantly. The less custom software, the better.

Get Your Rank Back

Do you have pages on your site that used to rank well, but are now in the Google graveyard? Is it knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door? This tactical guide to making old pages rank in Google again by Neil Patel is your antidote. Here is one tip from the article:

Your main navigation menus contains your most site’s significant and helpful pages. When you have a valuable page that you want to rank again, then you can give it more traffic through a high visibility link.

writing great headlines for articlesAbsolutely Awesome Headlines

Great headlines bring all the boys (and girls) to the yard. So, I recommend reading 36 Outrageous Headlines You Can Not Help but Click.  If these headlines don't give you some ideas for your own, then I don't know what will.

Build Your Audience

You can rock all you like, but if you don't have an audience, what's the point? In his article, 7 Methods to Grow your Email List (The Organic Way), Tom Ewer shows you how to build your email list without buying addresses from sketchy services.

Here's a great quote from the article:

Now there’s a new alternative to pop up boxes called ‘Scroll Triggered Boxes’. These are comparable to pop up boxes, but they work by appearing once the user has scrolled down a specific amount of the page, such as 70% or 80%.

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