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Page Views Don't Define Your Site

Your pageviews don't mean anything.


Usually, when you ask someone how their site is doing, they will say, "Oh, it's doing great! I'm getting (fill in the blank) page views!" That doesn't really answer your question, does it? But you probably do the same thing when someone asks about your site.

Let's get one thing straight. Large page view numbers doesn't ensure that you sale a lot of product. It doesn't guarantee ad clicks. The only thing it really helps is to sale ads to companies. If that isn't your focus, then you shouldn't try so hard to increase your page views. You can still make a lot of money with low page views.

stop talking about page views

You won't believe how many times I've visited SEO forums or webmaster forums to see dozens of posts that basically say the same thing: "I have more than 30,000 views per day, but only make $.17 from AdSense." It makes sense that these people are complaining or looking for help. That's big numbers with very little reward.

There are a few reasons why these website owners aren't making what they think they should be from their site.

The Revenue Style is Wrong

I've been in the content business for almost two decades and I've found that:

Content + the right revenue style = earnings

Some audiences are more responsive to ads while others are more responsive to book sales or product offers. It's possible that a site that isn't making a profit, but still has massive page views, is using the wrong revenue system.

For example, sites that focus on money saving tips do really well with ads. It seems like people who want to save money are ad clicking machines. On the other hand, sites about history or other educational subjects do really poorly when it comes to ad clicks, but they may do well selling study guides or tutoring sessions. Experimenting with the revenue methods on your site can make a big difference in how much you earn, regardless of how many clicks you get.

Their Site is Full of Crap

say no to click bait

Another reason a website owner may have great numbers but awful earnings are that the site is useless. For example, say Fred sets up a site about medical solutions for the elderly. Instead of providing helpful information and then selling a product, Fred advertises his site using click-bate tactics. Once the interested person clicks on his site, they realize that it is just a bunch of ads and useless crap. His click-bate tactics may have gotten people to his site, but they didn't click on any ads or buy a product because they could tell he was shifty in the first few seconds. People are smart. They know when a site is just there to grab their money.

You Don't Need a Lot of Page Views to Earn a LOT of Money

So you may be saying, "Okay, now I get why sites with a lot of page views may not make a lot of money, but I don't get a lot of page views. Can I still earn money from my site without impressive numbers?"

Yes! The site you're on right now is a great example! Take a look:

low pageviews


Believe it or not, this site only brings in 35 to 100 page views a month, but I have earned thousands from it this month. I bet your eyes are darting around looking the site over. Yep, there are no ads. I don't make money from ad clicks. I'm selling a product, which are my content writing services and website consultations.  With such a great conversion rate I don't need to worry about how many people are coming to my site.

The reason I make so much money from such a small amount of visitors is that the people coming to my site are a highly targeted audience. I draw them here by advertising in very specific places where I know my audience lurks.

For example, I write articles for sites where web owners look for SEO and website tips. Then, I add my bio with a link to my site to the bottom of the article. Those readers who want to take their site to the next level with the help of an experienced content creator follow the link and hire me.

I also make sure to link to my site in my post signature on webmaster forums. You wouldn't believe how successful that technique has been.

The main point I'm trying to make here is this: you don't need a lot of page views to make money. What you do need to do is find a targeted audience that is craving your product, and then dangle your site in front of them as the go-to place for answers.

Trust me. It works.

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