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Have a Blog? Here's How You Can Profit from Your Existing Content

In case you have been blogging for years just for fun -- or to connect with like minded people -- chances are that you already have built-in audience ready to listen to your opinion and recommendations. It might be time to take the next step and monetize your website to earn some extra cash while you do what you enjoy. While many websites tell you you can make money by setting up your blog, only a few experts talk about using your existing content to create profits. Read the below guide to get some ideas.

how to make your site special

Compile an eBook

If you have enough content on a certain topic, you could easily create a guide or ebook you can sell online. Try self publishing on popular sites, such as Amazon. You can make money by selling a  collection of the information readily available, but no searching needed! While you might need to do some editing and extra writing, making use of your free content this way can prove to be profitable long term.

Turn Articles Into a Video Training

Apart from eBooks, you can also create your own video training that you sell on your own site or through affiliates. Whichever method you use, make sure you get a professional camera and write your scripts before you sit down.

Practice video creation through blogging, and invest in editing software to make your product professionally finished. Alternatively, you can get a video expert to help you complete the product.

I put my videos on YouTube and make money from ad views. Here's a look at my playlist for writers. You can also use SkillShare. I've had a lot of luck posting there.

Offer Paid Guest Posts

Having a lot of subscribers and comments on your blog doesn’t only make you feel good, but it can also help you get the attention of companies looking to place their links and ads on your site. Advertise your site on different platforms and offer a flat rate for article placements.

Be sure the company has strict guidelines and they don’t intend to spam your site with low quality links.

Add Affiliate Links or Google Adwords

The simplest way of monetizing your website is by adding Google ads or affiliate links to your page. Sign up for a CPA affiliate network and choose the offers that are most relevant to the topics you regularly feature on your blog.

If you use WordPress as your blogging platform, you might be able to automatically place your link in each past post based on the right keywords using a plugin.

Set Up a Side Business and Promote Products

If you regularly write about home improvements and furnishings, and you have your favorite items, you can create a store on your blog where your visitors can purchase the items through you. The good news is that you don’t have to deal with shipment and administration if you use a dropshipping service.

Before you start, however, ask yourself are there drawbacks to dropshipping? This way, you can avoid the common mistakes people make when starting a business.


Blogging is a great hobby, but it can also easily be turned into a profitable business, if you try a few of the above tips.

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