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How to Promote Your Articles in Less Than 3 Minutes

I hate promoting. Unfortunately, though, promotion gets readers and readers generate money in the residual income world. It's a good thing, then, that I found a nifty tool that lets me promote my articles in less than three minutes on a wide range of social networking sites.
The tool is called AddThis. It's free and can be installed to your web browser's toolbar so it is always easy to find. To use it you simply open up the article you want to share, click on the AddThis button on your toolbar and click on the social media site where you want to share the article. I repeat the process with all of the social media sites I am a member of and I'm done.
Here is the list of sites I post new article notifications to:

My article links blog on LiveJournal LinkedIn Facebook Myspace Twitter Blogger blogs like this one (I only do this occasionally and only if the subject may be of interest to my readers!)

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