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Why Social Media is More Important Than Google Search

Back in my post a few days ago, I talked about tracking how readers get to your articles and blog posts. Well, in my search for the truth I found something amazing.
On one of my most visited articles only 25 people found it using Google Search in an entire month. How did the other 8,000 people find my article? StumbleUpon and Facebook. In fact, my article had been stumbled around 400 times. Others are reporting similar trends.
What does this mean to me? To you?
It means social media is the new search engine. We need to stop fretting about SEO and Google's Panda and start dusting off our Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Also, make it easy for people to share your article by adding social media buttons above or below your articles and blogs. My favorite gadget is AddThis. It's free and easy to set up. 

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