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How to Make Google AdWords Work for Your Writing Niche

Don't Let Google Advertising Confuse You

I don't know how many times I've read forum posts by web writers complaining that their niche is has horrible Google AdWords rates and that they'll never make any money from residual sites. Bah! There is a science to turning any niche into a money maker. Here are my key SEO tips:
Brainstorm keywords that relate to your niche. Take one of your keywords and plug it into Google AdWords' keyword tool. Click on the button that says "Columns." Click on the Estimated Avg. CPC option in the box that pops up and click "OK." Now, instead of just seeing what the CPC rate is for the keyword you looked up, you are going to do one better. Click on the Estimated Avg. CPC header at the top of the CPC column. This will sort your list of keywords from highest CPC to the lowest. Write down the keywords with the highest CPC. Note: Some of these keywords won't be relevant to your niche, so pick and choose. Brainstorm webs of articles that can incorporate these new keywords. Use your main keyword six times in a 500 word article. Link the articles together and make sure that the titles use one or two of the keyword phrases. This is how I make my niche, art, profitable even though most people have found it to be a Google advertising wasteland. For more info on adding keywords see: How to Add Keywords to Articles without Looking Spammy

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