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Tackling the Messy Desk of a Mommy / Freelance Writer

My Desk When it's Clean

My Art Desk When it's Clean

It's inevitable. After a week my desk is a pile of sketchbooks, drawings done by my two children, notebooks and mail. My desk gets so messy that I have to wedge my arms between the piles to type.
And every week I tackle my messy desk and return it back to a manageable state. Here's my process:
Throw away all but the very best kid drawings. Post the best kid drawings on the side of my filing cabinet with magnets. No space goes unused in my office! Take the old drawings that I had to take off the filing cabinet to make room for the new pictures and put them in a keepsake box. Move all my sketchbooks to my art table, which is more cluttered than my desk. Mental note: Clean art table. Throw away junk mail and file bills or letters from my military hubby. Shelve the reference books, art books and kids books. Put extra pens in jars and other office supplies back in my desk drawers for the 100th time this week. (I swear my kids use my office supplies more than I do!) Find a bill that I forgot to pay and scramble to the mailbox. Come back and collect the Diet Coke cans for the recycling bin. Take the empty cereal bowls and yogurt cups to the kitchen. Eating while working is productive, right? Ahh. That's better.
What are some of the more unusual things that can be found on your desk?

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