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How to Make Writing your Career

So, you’re looking for a career that allows you to make the most of your way with words. There are lots of options out there. Some of them might seem unrealistic or unattainable to you, but it's important not to rule things out when you’re choosing the career that’s going to be best for you. It’s much more important to just focus on what you’re good at and what you’re capable of achieving. You don’t have to settle for second best or take on a job that you don’t find fulfilling. Below, you’ll find plenty of information on some of the best writing career paths out there. Read about them all and don’t rule anything out until you’ve given them careful consideration...and even tried it out.

Pursue Your Creative Writing Dreams

Many people assume that their dreams of being a creative writer are not realistic. However, this negative kind of attitude can drag you down and become a self-fulfilling prophecy. These days, it’s easier than ever before to get your writing out there and have it read by real people. That’s all thanks to the boom in self-publishing. You can use Kindle and other similar platforms to publish ebooks that people can buy. So, if you think you have the skills and talent to write creatively, there is nothing stopping you from giving it a try for yourself.

Proofread Work to Check for Mistakes

Ever been accused of being a grammer Nazi? Then this job is for you!

There is so much written work that gets produced each day. A lot of it needs to be checked for errors before it is sent out into the world for publication. Proofreaders are the people who take care of this kind of work. It’s a job that’s perfectly suited to the kind of people who love spelling and grammar. Although there are now computer programs that can help with this, nothing quite beats the talents of a proofreader. It’s a career path to consider if you know what you’re doing. Many proofreaders work as freelancers, but there are fixed jobs out there too. 

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Edit Other People’s Words

Editing is similar to proofreading, but it’s not quite the same. They do a bit more than proofreaders do. Editors come up with ways in which a written text can be improved. They might suggest changing sentence around and fixing the structure or come up with ideas. Many editors are also content gatekeepers. They research what the readers want and assign projects to writers based on their findings.

Become a Technical or Contract Writer

Technical writers tend to produce writing that is complex and specific to a certain industry or type of business. For example, this type of writing might be required in the world of science or medicine. It usually demands an understanding of technical terms and other such things. Many people who enjoy writing, but have a background in a technical vocation opt for a career as a technical writer.

Contract writers, writers who literally write contracts, need to have a legal background and an understanding of contract law, of course. These types of writers are always in demand, so don’t rule out these career options.

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Try Your Hand at Copywriting

Copywriting can be a lot of fun if you want a career in writing that pays well, while also being able to be a little creative. You will be producing copy for companies that both markets products and informs customers. It’s safe to say you can’t just write adverts in a hard-sell kind of way because that’s not what copywriting is all about. Instead, you need to be interesting, engaging and authentic. That’s what the vast majority of businesses are looking for when they hire a copywriter, so it’s what you’re going to have to provide. Read about copywriting online to learn more about it. 

Some types of writing copywriters do are:

  • Ad articles for magazines
  • Marketing emails
  • Copy for commerce websites
  • Brochure text

Consider a Career in Journalism

Journalism is writing for news outlets. It often requires an unbiased opinion on topics and good investigating skills.

It is a difficult career to break into, though.  You should consider a career in journalism if you believe that you have the tenacity and investigative spirit to make an impact and get noticed. You have to be talented and willing to make yourself stand out if you want to become a professional journalist these days. You will also need the right training and industry accredited qualifications. A BS in journalism is usually required for any job in this industry. You can start small, at a small town newspaper and make your way up, though.

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