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10 Powerful Tips to Write and Sell Your First eBook

Don’t set your expectations too high if it is your first time to publish an ebook. At the same time, you should do everything possible to create a quality e-book and advertise it to a lot of people. The key to success is creating quality content. Make sure your ebook is unique. Inject a lot of personal stories and learning.

The next step is to edit the content. Try going through the pages over and over again, even backwards. Make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors. These minor details could affect your reputation. Instead of buying your next ebook, people will feel like you didn’t put a lot of efforts on the first one.

Most of all, you have to focus on marketing the ebook. Let everyone know that you are publishing one, weeks or months before the release. Offer a pre-order service so that you have guaranteed buyers. Show a glimpse of what they can expect from the ebook. This is how you build anticipation before the actual release.

Once you have finally prepared the ebook, sell it and find people who are willing to review it. Let them speak based on their actual experience of reading the ebook to make the reviews more authentic.

Just follow the tips shown on the infographic below and your first ebook will be a massive success.

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