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How to Make Residual Income Without Residual Income Sites

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Yah, so most residual income sites like Suite 101, Hubpages and Buskia have a bad reputation with some "professional" writers. Personally I don't, but some of the arguments against them have gotten me thinking. The most compelling argument, to me at least, is that they won't be around forever, then what?
Okay, point taken. So how do you enjoy the wonderment of residual income without using a residual income site? Make your own.
There are two choices for controlling your own residual income- privately owned blogs and websites.
I've had many of my own websites and blogs, but it wasn't until I had this revelation that I've put any work into them. And you know what? They are paying off at a rate that is comparable to my Suite 101 account, which has been a fantastic residual money maker for years.
Here's what I've learned:
Experiment to find a subject that you are passionate about Experiment with the subject until you find a niche that people are interested in Don't be shy about letting people know about your blog or site Nine times out of ten your traffic will come from Google, SEO accordingly If your blog or site's a flop, try another subject Update your blog or site regularly Go back to your flops and try to revamp them

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