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Hi, No-Fluffers.

Welcome to my blog. On my site you’ll learn how to build a successful writing career. If you want me to write for you, you can find information about that, too.

Freelance Writing While You're Away from the Office

If you are a full-time mom, constantly on the go, sometimes it's hard to get freelance work done. I get plenty of work done each day, though, no matter where I am.

My Droid and My Laptop Boosting My Productivity

My strategy is to have a mobile office that I can slip into my purse. My office computer is a laptop that I can use at Wi-Fi hotspots for free. It's slim enough that I can carry it anywhere if I need to, but most of the time I just use my Droid cell phone (with a buit-in keyboard), which is jam-packed with free apps for taking notes, accessing social networking accounts and checking my emails. My Droid contains poems, article ideas, half completed articles and tons more. I can just upload the information to my laptop when I get home using a USB cable.
My favorite free Droid app for work? ColorNote by Social and Mobile, Inc.
Now, I understand that a lot of people don't have a smart phone and a lot of people have desktop computers. For most of my career I didn't either. What did I do to get work done while I was away from the office? I went old school and took a spiral bound notebook wherever I went. I would write articles, brainstorm ideas and make lists in my notebook, then type them out when I got back home. If you're not into using paper and a pen, you can always use the voice recorder on your cell phone or leave yourself messages on your home voice mail.
No matter what you use, there are always ways to get your freelance work done. How do you get things done?

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