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Residual Income: Does it Really Work?

I read a post on another blog the other day declaring that a freelance writer should never write articles for a residual income site. The major reasoning here was that you can't predict how much you will earn and that you may not earn enough to justify the work.
Well, as a seasoned residual income writer I'd have to say just the opposite. I think every freelance writer should have at least one residual income account.
Here are my reasons:

An Article Depository

With a residual income site you'll always have somewhere to put articles that you can't find a buyer for. You'll also have a place to put article that you've already sold, but still have reprint rights to. These articles can keep earning instead of languishing on your hard drive.

Income that Keeps Going, Even if You Don't

How else can you make money without doing any more work?
For example, I joined up with eHow when they were still in infancy. Today, they're not accepting new articles unless you write them through Demand Media Studios. My time was wasted, right? Nope. I ended up making $15 on each article that took me 15 minutes to write. Plus, I'm still making over $100 a month, even though I haven't written a new article for them since March.

There are other reasons I like residual income sites, but this seems like the best reasons for other freelance writers to give them a try.

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