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Proof that Residual Income Pays Off

Revenue Share Makes Me Dance!

I was just over at Felicia A. Williams' No Job for Mom! blog and on one of her newest posts she wrote about taking leaps of faith when it comes to creating residual income. Her post spurred me to see just how much success I was having doing residual income vs. regular up-front payment.
This type of test needs apple to apple comparisons, so I took a look at my eHow earnings vs. what I might have earned if I'd wrote the same article for Demand Studios. Let's be honest, you can't really compare these short, on-the-fly eHow articles to what I would write for a higher paying site, so DS is the perfect comparison.
The results are very good. So far I have earned $3015 and would have earned only $2205 if I had done the articles for DS at $15 a pop. As you can see, residual sites really do pay off. 

Suite 101 Revenue Share VS. Demand Studios Flat Fee Payments

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