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Hi, No-Fluffers.

Welcome to my blog. On my site you’ll learn how to build a successful writing career. If you want me to write for you, you can find information about that, too.

"Free" Clients for Your Writing Business

Lately, I've been getting what I like to call "free" clients. These are clients that you don't have to look for. They just fall into your lap. No cold calling. No emails. Nadda.
So how did I get these clients?
My website. These clients found my website and from the information on it, and nothing else, they wanted to hire me. That's the power of a great writer's website. Want to know my secrets to a great site that draws in free clients?

No ads. If your website has ads, that's a sure sign you're a novice because you can't afford to buy a domain name and a proper site. Google Sites offer free hosting and low-cost domain names, so there's no excuses! Make sure your site has content. It shouldn't just have a couple sentences about what you can do and your email. Fill that sucker up with your resume, quotes from happy customers and plenty of information on why a client should hire you. Search engines need words to figure out what your site is about so it can present it to people who are searching. No words, no visitors. I like to offer a range of services. I know some will tell you to find a niche and stick to it. That's not my bag and it works for me. I offer business owners text and image content services and I offer writers editing and critique services. My point is, don't be afraid to present all of the services you're qualified to offer. Keep your site clean and organized to make it easy for potential clients to find the information they need quickly and easily. Don't bunch all your information together on one page. I break my site up into sections for easy navigation. There's a Hire Me page, a page for my resume, a page for my editing and critique service, a page for my clips and a page for my illustrations. Add a photo of yourself. This helps you come across as a real person and not just some faceless entity that wants money on the web. Make it a professional looking image. No selfies! 

Need a visual? Feel free to visit my site to get a feel for what I'm talking about.

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