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Why Writing for $3 Per Article Isn't Going to Help Your Freelance Career

Why Writing for $3 Per Article Isn't Going to Help Your Freelance Career

This is a throwback from 2011, but I thought my No-Fluffers would enjoy reading it. 


In one of my posts I wrote about a content site that pays $3 per article. I got this comment soon after:

Alina, I write for writers domain and I think it's a decent way to learn the ropes of freelance writing and get a little extra cash too. I've also done Textbroker in the past. Neither are the $50/hr jobs that you're looking for, but you're probably a much higher-caliber writer; I'm just getting started. While I definitely would like to get paid more, I also don't want to spend my time weeding through work and not getting paid. Looking for work is still work in my opinion and I only have so much time before my kid wakes up! I find with WD I can make $20-30/hr if I'm focused. Yes, it's only $3.30 per article, but I can do 6-8 an hour. That being said, I am quite a fast typer and not everyone can do that. - Gary Here is my reply to Gary:

Hi Gary,

I assume that you came to my blog because you were looking for information on becoming a freelance writer. So, I'm going to give you some advice from my 13 years of experience in the writing world and post it here for others to benefit from, as well.

The problem is that sites like these don't really teach you the ropes of how to be a freelance writer. They teach you how to churn out text that attracts search engine clicks. It's not an entryway to higher paying clients down the road. Clips form these sites will more than likely be ignored.

High-paying clients aren't looking for these types of articles. They don't want words off the top of your head as fast as you can type them. They want quotes. They want research. They want people that are experts on niches.

This isn't just my opinion. It is how the world of online content is evolving. Google's Panda updates are putting sites like Writers Domain out of business. In fact, the king of content, Demand Studios, (they have produced content that is much like your WD's for years) has slowed down production to almost nothing because search engines aren't picking it up any more. This means that eventually, you won't have those $3 jobs anymore. Then what? You'll be left with useless clips and no where to go.

I encourage you to work on clips that feature an expertise in some niche for sites or publications that have a better reputation. These jobs aren't that hard to find.

I've been where you are. I understand your thought process because I've thought the same thing in the past. Unfortunately for those looking for a quick buck, that's not how the freelancing writing world works anymore and those days are coming to an end.

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