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Tips for Making More Money as a Writer

The other day, I was visiting one of my favorite forums and found a post by a writer that is down in the dumps because he can't seem to make more than a few dollars per article. All he does is do work for content mills. I gave him some tips on how to make more money, and it occurred to me that some of my readers may like to read the tips, too. Here they are.

Apply, Apply, Apply!

What I do to make more than a few bucks per article is to apply to writing jobs. Gathering real life clients will earn you much more than writing for content mills.
Set aside one day per week and apply to as many writing jobs as you can find that fit the type of writing you do well. I've found many repeat clients doing this.
Here are two lists of writing job sites and other places that pay writers: Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs.

The jobs listed on these sites often pay much more than $5 per article.

How to Apply

Applying for writing jobs is easy. All you do is write yourself a good resume listing your experience and send it along with links to your clips.
Even articles on your own blog are good clips if you don't have anything else. It's always good to show potential clients something.

"Free" Clients for Your Writing Business

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