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Dynamic Views? More Like Dismal Earnings

How to make money with bloggerI like to mess around with my personal blogs to find the best way to earn. This knowledge benefits my blogs and my customers. Recently, I have been toying with Blogger's Dynamic Views blog themes.

Here's what I've found.

Your Blogger Pageviews Skyrocket

I switched from using the generic template to the Blogger Dynamic View template. These templates look very professional, so I figured they would be a great way to spruce up my writing blog. My views went up 400%. That is a fantastic jump. There's just one problem.

Your Blogger Earnings Plumet

My earnings all but stopped. I ended up just making a couple dollars per month. Pageviews are great, but not when you aren't making any money.
The earnings dropped because when you use Dynamic Views, Blogger doesn't let you add anything to the sidebars other than one Adsense block. So you can't add affiliate advertising, links to your favorite blogs, in-line advertising...nothing. I tested my earning/views with Dynamic Views on one of my other blogs (that had a completely different audience) and found the same results.


Just to make sure this whole thing wasn't a fluke, I tried the experiment one more time.  I switched back to a basic template that allowed me to customize my Blogger blog the way I wanted. The earnings went gone up 1,088% in just a week's time. Keeping with the previous results, the page views dipped to down to 1,200 per month.
So, if you also write your own blog you may want to avoid using Dynamic View templates if you want to have control over your earnings and your sidebar information. If you want more pageviews, Dynamic View is the way to go.

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